Friday, July 17, 2009

Once upon a time...

Alamak! Geocities is shutting down... and once upon a time, when I was so 'jiwang', I had written a lot of 'jiwa-jiwa' poems. Back in 1999, when I got so interested in the Net, I had self-taught myself on how to create a website with the help of Yahoo PageBuilder, Frontpage's "Help" pages and a few online buddies then. And guess what was the content? All of my 'jiwang' poems, of course - with translations, and background music! They're still available now at but they won't be there anymore beginning October 26, I reckon.

And 'coz I'm a sentimental person and I've a failing memory (getting old, I suppose), now I have to copy all those "masterpiece" poems of mine (LOL- of course I'm being sarcastic to myself ;)) and move them here so I can remember all those days when I was just a shy and confused young girl who had kept my feelings to myself. :)

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