Monday, August 30, 2004

Muhammad Iman Naufal

My lil new bundle of joy
My lil Naufal
Easy to smile
Easy to laugh
My lil baby Naufal

My lil bundle of joy
My precious lil Naufal
One that's not fussy
One that uplifts my spirit
My lil precious baby

Looking at your face,
Listening to your laughters,
All stresses are somehow relieved,
All problems forgotten,
You, Lil baby of many charms

Lil Naufal,
My lil one,
Precious baby,
"You light up my life". has been quite some time since I last post a message here. Had tough time finding this blog again. Thot it was at :P Had taught my students on how to create a blog there. Tried to show them this sample of mine, but of course, couldn't find . It was just not the correct URL! :P Silly me.

I still remember the fun I had with my writing journal - back in my matriculation programme - and having Ms. Uma as my audience. I hope my students will somehow have fun writing their journal... of course the online term now is "blogging"!