Sunday, July 26, 2009


1. Who got to be the co-pilot...

When we first got married, I would sit next to my husband, the driver.

When we got our first baby, I had to sit at the back to monitor the baby. As he grew up and walked and talked, I had to give in to his demand that he would sit in front, next to the driver. He reminded me of He-man's line - "I got the power!".

Then came the second baby. Initially the first-born occupied the front seat as usual, as I took care of the little one at the back seat. As the baby grew up, walked and talked, my elder son found out that he no longer holds the power, as he constantly would have to give in to the younger brother's demand that "he" has to have the front seat.

Amusing, how the young ones rule!

2. Spelling of names as they move across the world...

Here are some interesting names that have amused me...

Ahmad in Malaysia, Ahmed in Yemen and Akhmet in Kazakhstan.

Abu Bakar in Malaysia, Abu Bakr in Saudi but Boubacar in Mali.

Abdullah in Malaysia, Saudi and Yemen, but Abdoulaye in Mali.

Ali in most Muslim's countries but Alou in Mali.

Ibrahim in most countries, but Ibrahima in Guinea.

Interesting names of some of my remarkable students - those whom I would always remember.

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