Sunday, March 09, 2008

On th election day

Yesterday was the election day. Since my sis, Tati n I haven't changed our address in the register, we had to vote in our hometown. We left to mom's place at abt 9.30 am and reached her place at slightly after 10 a.m. We waited for my brother, and another sis, left the kids at mom's with the maids and left for the election place ard 11 a.m. The place was very near mom's house.

There were a lot of people there. The contesting parties actually set up their camps outside the school. They had ushers to escort us to the main entrance of the school and doing some last minutes of campaigning to gain votes from voters like us. Of course the government parties were more daring than the rest. ;). They even had some kind of cheerleaders from Putra UMNO to shout campaigns for Barisan Nasional. Compared to PAS cheer leading boys, it showed that UMNO has more money cause they were able to provide the boys (yes, they looked like school boys to me) and the other ushers with uniformed t-shirts, caps, umbrella and fans printed with BN's logo , while the other party had just put on their daily wear and hold their flags (*regret not taking photos).

Mom had to go to Channel 1 coz she's a 'warga emas' while all four of us had to go to Channel 5. There were rumours that our new Prime Minister are more transparent in this election, that he would have transparent balloting boxes, and they won't have the serial number of our voting paper written next to our name in the register. And oh yes, the box ws transparent alright, and the serial number was not written next to our names, instead they were PRINTED next to the names! Well, you can check who hd I voted, please yourself.

It didn't take so long, we didn't have stand in a long cue like the last election day 3 1/2 years ago. After voting, we went to a shopping complex, had our feet massaged, and he he... since they were having sales up to 70% discounts, we shopped for handbags. I needed a larger handbag to accommodate my new EeePC (that's a real excuse, mind you). Then sis Nana bought us drinks and pizza ( we took it as an act to apologize to us or something, but we were okay anyway). Not bad for not changing our voting place, we got to gather as a small family and spend some quality time together. I thought it was even better than Hari Raya.

Went back to mom's at nearly 3 p.m. It was sis Tati's daughter's birthday, as well as bro Wan's daughter's, so Tati bought a cake to celebrate it. End up staying there till 6pm before we left for our homes.

Celebrating Nurul's and Irzaty's bday at mom's.

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