Monday, March 10, 2008

BN menang tipis

I would say it as menang teruk. It's not kalah teruk but it's a third class kind of winning. I've read and heard mixed reactions on this matter.

"Kesian Pak Lah. This is the time we should give him our support, kuatkan semangat, not asking him to step down. He's already very sad."

"Serve him right. Kaya rayakan anak menantu. KJ= Kaduk naik Junjung."

"Pengajaran for him sbb sleeping on th job, suka orang puji, dan degil tak nak dgr cakap orang."

"Kalau Pak Lah nak selamat, Khairy should back off from politics. Anak Mahathir pun tak bertanding masa Mahathir jadi PM."

"Bodoh orang yg lepas geram kat kerajaan dgn pangkah pembangkang. Habis la ekonomi Malaysia lepas ni... sure slow punya. Nak buat apa pun tak boleh sbb sure pembangkang disagree. Tak dpt majoriti 2/3".

"Pak Lah kena tegaslah lepas ni, tak boleh lembab2 lagi."

"BN kalah sebab ramai orang UMNO boikot tak turun mengundi sbb calon yang diorg nak tak naik."

Tu semua wat ppl said lah... Tp paling best sekali...

"Abuya kata keadaan politik akan terus berkecamuk sehingga daulah abuya naik."

Tetiba je...

Hmm... My opinion? I would reserve it to myself. Undi adalah rahsia wat!!! ;)

But I'd read something that make sense in the Promuda discussion by Suresh Yegambaram:

"Dear All,

First lets see why BN got a very big majority at 2004.

1. Promised a clean goverment
2. People will be given freedom of speech
3. Transparency in goverment tenders
4. Badawi as a Mr Clean factor

Lets see if any of those really materialized.

1. Clean goverment - Surely No. Perhaps more
corruption now.
2. Freedom of speech got better but still the same
especially in local medias and major newspaper still
have very big BN influence
3. Tranparency - Surely no.
4. Mr clean not so clean after all. His son in law is
a big reason for this.

Now let's ponder what is the real message here.

1. The public needs uncorrupted policians who work for

2. People need goverment to work for the benefit of
the public. COntrolling inflation, make more effords
to increase their income, controlling increase of tol.
That seems like only empty promises by the gov.

3. Business - not much happening as a whole eventough
allot of thing promised 4 years ago.

4. Racial decriminations - Eventough many like to say
it's not as bad as what was projected by the ethnic
groups but if 100k indians can go out and protest they
r not happy.. that means they r not happy. The way
goverment dealt with it shows they dont respect other
race's problems. Directly made indians to vote against
and indirectly gave signal to chinese to vote against
because it could happen to them anytime.

5. Repesentatives from other races not allowed to talk
in parliment - MCA reps certainly dont do much talking
and the few MIC reps who talks will be punished. Is
that y people need to appoint them as their reps in
parliment? Even one minister can call another person
racist when they are just voicing the problems. So
they want a balanced reps in the parliment.

So all in all.. the promise during 2004 was not
fullfilled. The best way to teach them that Malaysians
are not sleeping, we are not bunch of idiots, to
demand we want to have better life is by denying 2/3
majority to the current goverment. It happened exactly
what was wished for."

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