Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My beginner students

Feb class taken on the last day of class, today.

This was the first time I had taught beginner students and I actually loved the experience. I used to think it would be very difficult especially when you don't share a common language. In this picture, you can see Maeen at the back, from Saudi, Alpha from Guinea, Abdul Aziz from Saudi, Seyed Reza and Morteza from Iran, Bing He, or fondly known as 47, and behind him He Zi, from China, Mohamed Abdal Mutal from Saudi, and Cui Xe from China.
The teaching satisfaction I've got from teaching this level is truly incomparable to all the classes I've taught before. This is where you can see the biggest progress of the learners.
Given the chance, I would do it again anytime.
There were other students not in the picture. I got Mamdooh, from Saudi whom I don't think is a beginner, since he argued a lot with me (in a nice teasing way). There were Saadi and Khalid, and two brothers, Adam and Hassan Naji who were somehow missing from my class in the last two weeks of the month-long program.

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