Friday, March 14, 2008

5 days aft election

At my place, sampah PAS langsung x nampak. Looks like they r pretty efficient. 2 days aft they won, terus dh tak nampak any posters or flags. Tinggal la BN punya posters reput saja kat tepi jalan. My guess is PAS resources are limited so they quickly keep their campaigning materials to b recycled in th nxt election. As 4 BN, they just couldn't care less. They r th gov, they hv lots of money, so come nxt election, just print new ones. But then, where's ur social responsibility of keepg th environment clean? Pandai put things up, pandai la take them down. Kenapa biar th posters get down by themselves and create eyesores for ppl?

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