Saturday, September 10, 2011

Teaching students how to make a presentation

These slides have been used to teach as well as demonstrate on how to make an oral presentation. The idea is for teachers to use these slides to "present" on how to make a presentation.

Slides 2-4 are meant to be used as an effective opening tool to elicit a more explicit definition of what is meant by a "presentation" from the students. They are expected to include "speaking" and "to a group of people" as in the context of their assignment.

These slides also demonstrate how the students' slides are supposed to look like. My students are expected to use lots of interesting pictures, but not to cramp many of them into one slide. I encourage them to minimize text, since they are supposed to make their audience listen, not read.

This lesson has been inspired by - that I'd really like to thank. I'd also like to thank google images for most of the interesting photos which they've gathered from various websites.

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