Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zathura movie in the classroom

The new upper-elementary class has been exposed to vocabulary of rooms and furniture earlier this week. Thus, I think Zathura is a good movie for them to watch since all the events in the movie centres around the house. Following the sequence of events is also one of the necessary skills in this level and thus to ensure that the students are awake and alert while watching the movie, here's the worksheet that I could think of for the time-being.

Zathura – the space adventure movie.

Find the answers to these questions while watching the movie.

1. Danny is the youngest of three siblings. How old is he? _______

2. What is the name of Danny’s brother? ____________
How old is he? ______

3. What’s the name of Danny’s sister? ______

4. In which room does Danny find the Zathura game? The _______________.

5. Tick the rooms or parts of the house that you see in the movie.

____ attic
____ backyard
____ basement
____ bathroom
____ bedroom
____ front yard
____ hall
____ kitchen
____ living room
____ stairs
____ study

6. Name three furniture you see in the living room.
i. ________________

7. Number the events in the movie according to the correct sequence:

____ They have to rescue a stranded astronaut.
____ Another Danny appears.
____ Danny's sister becomes frozen.
____ Danny and his brother have to survive meteor showers.
____ The house is drawn into the black hole.
____ A malfunction robot attacks Danny’s brother.
____ Danny’s brother is caught cheating and sucked into space.
____ Danny’s brother gets the first wishing card.
____ Zargons attack the house.

Post-movie question: Complete the following statement.

I like / dislike this movie because _____________________________________________.

I've also found out that NASA has come up with great lesson plans for Zathura. One of those is at

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