Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bagan Lalang - the beach

Bagan Lalang in Sepang is a place I'd heard about a long time ago... family and friends had talked about it since I was a school girl - but somehow I'd never made it there. I remembered whenever I mentioned about going to the place, people around me would say, let's go to Port Dickson the thought had remained a thought until...

My long-lost hostel mates during my secondary school years had planned for a reunion there. So curious about the place, which is not really that far away from where I live - just 30kms away - I urged DH to take me and the kids there, just two weeks before d'day.

Well... I was so surprised to see the large pool of people there... the area looked a bit smaller than Morib in Banting - a popular beach in Selangor (as a girl, I had thought it was the only beach we had in Selangor), but there were so many cars which had made finding a spot to park our car a challenging task.

On the first impression, I thought - wow... not bad! The beach looked as attractive as any other beaches, especially to my kids. The sand looked white - I thought it was as white as the sand on the Pangkor Island in Perak (meaning, it looked a lot better than the sand in Morib).

It has an interesting view since the "Sepang Gold Coast" thingy is being developed and we could see some buildings in progress. There were people flying kites, people swimming in the sea, people strolling along the beach, and people setting up their tents to spend the night there! Cool!

It was an interesting view, really... until.... I saw these sceneries:

Filthy, right? And they spoiled the overall picture...

Nevertheless, my kids still enjoyed being there - just take a look at how happy they were:

They were enjoying it so much that we were reluctant to call them out from the sea, that we just let them continue swimming until the sun set. And oh my! I couldn't remember when was the last time I did this with DH - sitting together side by side enjoying the view of the sunset. Wasn't it romantic? And the view was breathtaking!

All in all, judging from the loads of visitors there, Bagan Lalang is already a place of interest to many people in Selangor. However, it needs a bit of more serious management from the local authority, especially on the aspect of its cleanliness. Then, we wouldn't be embarrassed to highlight it in the Selangor Tourism brochures as a popular tourist destination.

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Anonymous said...

The 'just-throw' attitude of the people that needs to change.