Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Teaching the days of the week

Despite turning to be almost 50 years old, the song "Never on Sunday" by Connie Francis still proves to be very cheeky and enjoyable for my new millennium students. Besides making them practise their listening skills, I've also used this song to check on my beginner / lower elementary students' spelling of the days and capitalization for the proper nouns, as well as to drill the order of the days in their minds.

Use the following worksheet for the listening activity:

Listen to the song and fill in the blanks.

Never on Sunday
Connie Francis

Oh, you can kiss me on a _______day, a _______day, a ______day

is very very good

Or you can kiss me on a _______day, a _______day, a _______day,

in fact I wish you would

Or you can kiss me on a ________day, a _______day, a _______day,

and _______day is best

But never ever on a _______day a _______day a _______day

cause that's my day of rest.

Come _______ day and you'll be my guest

_______ day you say but _______ day of rest

Just name _______ day that you like the best

Only stay away on _______ day of rest.

Note: Do remind the students to ignore the Greek/Italian lyrics as they listen or sing the song.


Teresa said...

hello! congratulations for your work. I teach English too and _I would like to suggest you another song for the days of the week... a little bit more modern :) It's a song by The Cure "friday I'm in love"

Hope you don't mind the suggestion.

Keep up with the good work.

Mima said...

Thanks Teresa, of course I wouldn't mind... instead, I really welcome any suggestions from ELT practioners like you or even students who have experienced interesting classes. Thank you again for sharing your idea with me. I'll look for the song :).