Thursday, November 20, 2008

A confession, or rather, a-bit-too-late review of a portal

Call me outdated, but I just have to make a confession. I'm having a fever, and it's not the normal fever - it's the facebook fever.

I'm or was on ryze, imeem, friendster, ning, wayn n hi5 b4 but I don't really use them. Most of the time when I had wanted to check them out, I would have forgotten what was the ID I used or what was the password.

So when friends started to invite me to facebook, I had just ignored their emails. However, when the invitations kept coming in, I became curious - why so many people are hooked to facebook.

Once I accepted everyone's here (well, I'm exaggerating it a bit). I found so many long-lost friends here - and not only them - I've also found my long-lost foes. How painful the feelings were when I saw their faces in facebook - I nearly wanted to abandon it.

However, after exploring it for quite some time, I fell in love with it. It's so convenient coz lots of applications are embedded on the web page itself.

I can send messages to people just like email, and there's a messenger-like tool which is embedded so one can see friends who are online, and can chat with them. Cool, isn't it? It's like we get all the yahoo applications but all in one page.

We can even create and join groups here, just like yahoogroups.
In addition, there is a wall just like online guestbooks.

No wonder so many people talk about it. Gee... how could I be so ignorant... My guess - more and more people will join facebook and abandon yahoogroups, yahoo messenger, guestbooks, ryze, friendster, hi5 - whatever cool things we already have here but stands alone as a separate entity.

So watch out Yahoo! and the rests... Here comes a very big competitor. But then, it could be just another phase of an excitement - who knows? ((shrug...))

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