Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Eye on Malaysia

Yes, it took us that long to finally reach this much talked-about place in the city. It happened on one fine Saturday afternoon, when DH finally felt like he could sacrifice some of his time to be spent with us rather than working.

Irsyad took it as our celebration for his khatam Qur'an. I took it as one of our special quality time spent together as one small happy family which rarely happens.

We spent the afternoon riding the giant merry-go-round. It was then when I discovered that Irsyad was scared of height. Ha ha, so much for dreaming to be the future angkasawan. Naufal enjoyed it, and Irsyad soon forgot about his phobia and began to enjoy the ride.

When we get down, we had a nice teatime with a cup of muffin and a piece of cake as Irsyad requested for us to celebrate his khatam Qur'an (pity the boy since his dad didn't want to conduct a kenduri for him). Then, the kids began to surround the clown who was there, hoping to get some balloons from her, which they finally got after waiting for abt an hour!

What disappointed us was when we prayed Maghrib, the surau was so dark without electricity,not to mention its size. How could that happen when outside they had so much light, in fact, they were having this lights and sound shows at night!

Anyway, we did enjoy the lights and sound shows, and just couldn't resist buying some souvenirs as the moments we spent there were beautiful. The time we spent there has opened DH's heart to spend such time with us again in the future, of course in other tourists' locations that we've been neglecting to take our children to all this while. :)

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