Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cheng Ho Restaurant review

We were invited by dear Norish to taste the new food in her new restaurant on the 5th of March. She has been talking about her plan to open a restaurant for few years and alhamdulillah, now it's taking flight...

Food was umphhh... fabulous, no where that I've tasted food as good as those they served us that night ever before. The kerabu mangga was out of this world. The mix vege was excellent, nothing that I could complaint - the vege were all fresh and crisp, even the prawns inside tasted like they came fresh from the sea - like those I used to have back in Kuala Rompin. Not to mention their fried prawns... umpphhh..... can't describe its deliciousness. You simply got to taste them yourselves!

The tom yam - only now I've found one that is better or close to the one I used to like in a restaurant in Kuantan so many years ago. Can't recall the name of that restaurant though. Was it Restoran Pattani? For years, I've lost appetite eating tom yam since nothing that I've come across was at par with the one there, but in Cheng Ho, I've found that appetite again.

The last dish was siakap masak nyonya. We were almost full by that time by so many dishes they served us and was surprised that there was another one. We thought we wouldn't be able to finish it - but well, as it was so good, we manage to clean the plate. He he!

All in all, it's a restaurant that I would recommend to anybody, not because it belongs to someone dear to me, but because the food is really, really good you wouldn't regret ordering (or paying for it). Ah yes, and the kids were given oreo ice-blended, I couldn't resist tasting it - it was so surprisingly good - make sure you order that too when you happen to visit the restaurant!

And the ID, though according to Norish, is not 100% completed, is still catchy and attractive. White and red - plus black and white large buntings on Chinese Muslims' lifestyle - I really like the surrounding. Red is always a good choice for eating places - increase the appetite and make people hungry but combine it with white - it looks so stylish and create peacefulness while eating.

Location? Wangsa Maju, the road behind Carrefour, Jalan Wangsa Delima 10 - 15 & 17G - you wouldn't miss it.

I pray to Allah that this restaurant will become a success story, that Norish and Amy will be able to open more branches across Malaysia as they have planned, and that their life together is always blessed by the Almighty in the world and in the hereafter, forever.



Anonymous said...

I am flying in from Atlanta on June 20th and had already managed to gather a few old friends to join me at the restaurant. Can't wait to enjoy excellent halal chinese food. Hope I could stay awake that evening after a 28 hrs flight. Kenalah belanja dia orang!!!!!

mima said...

Hope you'd enjoyed meeting your friends and the food there. :)

Anonymous said...

am non local.. working in KL... have been trying to locate the rastaurant reeatedly, but failed to do so. went driving round and round wangsa maju area. suggest to me the easiest route.. ie: nearest LRT station.. etc etc... p/s: i do know where carrefour is at wangsa maju.. then where do i head to?

mima said...

If you come from the police booth, take the first row - the new shop lots behind Maybank.The road is named Jalan Delima 10.