Sunday, January 03, 2016

Sibayak Volcano

Mt. Sibayak (Indonesian:Gunung Sibayak), is a small stratovolcano, or also called a composite volcano. Located in northern Sumatera, Indonesia, it overlooks the town of Berastagi.

Although its last eruption was more than a century ago, the many steam vents which produce crystalline sulfur, and hot springs on and around the volcanoes prove that geothermal activity is still high there.

Sulfurous gases has also caused acidic discolouration of the small crater lake. What's interesting, we can actually go inside the cold crater lake to take pictures in it!

At the height of 2212m/7257ft, the mountain is surprisingly quite easy to climb and has been popular amongst activity-based tourists in Medan.

To join me on my next trip here in May 2016, drop a message via WA +60133881855.

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