Friday, December 11, 2009

Stay from Cinderella '80 the movie

I still remember how crazy we, the hostel girls, were when we watched the movie on TV3, a new station then.

The movie is a modern version of Cinderella. The girl, Cindy, like Cinderella, has a stepmother and two stepsisters who take advantage of her. Her life becomes meaningful after a so, so, so, so, very, very, very cute boy (that was what we thought then) comes into her life. He appears to be a poor musician, and they spend a lot of their time in a green house for plants. At the end of the story, she discovers that he's actually a prince and she feels cheated. But then, love always wins - they make up and I suppose they live happily ever after, just like Cinderella and her prince charming.

The movie had really moved us, and the theme song "Stay" became our favourite. All of us were head over heels in love with Pierre Cosso and wished that we were Bonnie Bianco singing this song with him. Oh... the way he looks at her in the movie could have killed any of us had he really looked at us that way. We drooled just looking at his beautiful eyes.

So strong was the effect of the movie on us, that one day, knowing that TV3 was having a rerun of the movie and the hostel rule was such that we couldn't watch TV on weekdays, we had actually used a small saw to remove the padlock locking the TV and watched it secretly. We had bought a new padlock beforehand to replace the one we had planned to saw, and then gave the new key to the hostel prefects, coming up with excuses like we had accidentally broken the old key inside the old padlock and therefore had taken the responsibility to replace it.

I can't remember if the hostel management had actually discovered the truth or not. However, I would always remember one of the most powerful movies that had affected me, as well as my friends, as we were growing up together at the hostel - Cindy 80, and a song that has become so sentimental to all of us - Stay.

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